Calculate 50 Ohms trace


How can I calculate a trace of 1cm for 50 Ohms?

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The PCB Calculator that is part of KiCad can do this for you. You’ll need a fair bit of information about the construction of the PCB first.

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A track 1cm long impedance does not matter until microwave frequencies.
A track about 3mm wide on 1.6mm FR-4 over ground plane is 50 Ohm

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Thank you, I know that tool, but I don’t know use it.

This is the RPSMA/SMA connector version. The trace lenght is 6,5mm. Works well.

But the u.FL connector version has lost and I’m not sure if it’s the trace or the antenna cable. The antenna that I use for both is the same. I use 1mm board , 2 layers.

For 1mm FR-4 board, 50 Ohm at several GHz is around 1.9mm wide
The Er value falls with frequency, around 4.4 at WiFi frequencies

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