Cadstar V18 import

HI Guys,

I dont know wether this is the correct group, apologies if not. We have a Cadstar V18 CPA and CSA archives, the Schematic import just fine, but the CPA archive complains with an Unknown node ‘TDROPATSTART’ in ‘ROUTE_VERTEX’ using KiCad 6.0.7 on a Mac.

Any thoughts? Tips?

Regards, David

Please open a bug report for it. If you can share your design files privately with @Qbort he can probably fix it.

Thanks Craftyjon, happy to share files privately if needed.

OK, the best way is to open a confidential issue and attach the files there.

Sorry Jon, newbie time, i have tried searching for confidential or to DM Qbort, but cannot find either!

You can not do it in the forum you’ll need to do it over at gitlab, where the source code and development takes place.

In KiCad you can go to Help->About and click on Report Bug, it’ll take you directly to the correct place (you’ll need to open a Gitlab account if you don’t have one and if you want, set the bug report as confidential, this way only the developers can see it and your files)

Hi David

Thanks for reporting.

If you could send the design to me privately. I can get it fixed.


Thanks all, will do.

@DavidJ Fix has been pushed to master and 6.0 branches. If you’d like to test with tomorrow’s testing build, that would be great.

For windows, testing builds are available here: Downloads | KiCad EDA

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