Buy/sell/trade on KiCadInfo?


Does there exist any area within the KiCadInfo discussion community
where members are welcome to post notes about items they want to
sell(electronics)? I have an item I’d like to sell, and most likely
buyer would also probably be a member of a community like this, but I
don’t want to violate any rules of the community.


Contact @ChrisGammell and @devbisme, they are the leading guys and will know best.


I wouldn’t object to a separate topic called, say, “Commercial, Business, Sell, Swap and Trade” as long as the volume of posts doesn’t overwhelm the forum’s primary focus.



Up to the forum owners, but commercial transactions are a legal minefield if the site is seen as a party in a transaction. KiCad Forum has a very international membership, so potentially many jurisdictions to get involved


thanks guys, I’ve PM’d Chris directly to get his thoughts.

I think it is much more common, across tech-based discussion groups is that “ads” are non-commercial and generally seller/buyer in same country.


I don’t begin to understand all the legal details and regulations. Perhaps I’m foolish but I don’t like to feel I’m being terrorized by what a legal system may or may not do.

The “DIY Audio” forum ( ) maintains a fairly active “Commercial Sector” ( ). The discussion areas are notably free of SPAM.



Replied to Gary, but will reply here as well.

Don’t think it’s a good fit for the KiCad forums. My buddy Dave runs the EEVblog forums, which are a fantastic general electronics forum. The All About Circuits forums used to be good as well, though I’m not sure the state of them these days. Additionally, there are IRC channels that might be a good fit for promoting such an offering.


I agree.

What would be sold?

It’s completely off topic.


Thanks for your time, and for the suggestions sir :slight_smile:


Dale, the USA is one of the worst for making export complex, with the dual use export licenses and unusual ideas about overseas tax :wink:


I’m not surprised to hear that comment. It seems the longer I live, the more I find myself apologizing to internationals for the policies of my government’s administration.



Japan is the worst for regulation. I recently purchased a reel of 10k 1% metal film smds from a major distributor, who passed the order back to the Japanese OEM.
The order was blocked until I provided an end user certificate for “dual use” parts.


Are you sure that is imposed by the Japanese?

Even though our company is not based in the US, because we do business there, we have to follow all US policies regarding embargos, sanctions, trade controls, anti-corruption etc, even for transactions completely outside the US.

The US government has some very long arms.


Japan is following the same rules as the USA and Europe, controlled by the USA. Unfortunately they follow them to the point of including all grey areas and way beyond the intentions of the writers.
There is no way a 10k 0603 1% resistor is a sensitive military part.
How modern cars every get exported with radar and lidar is a mystery to me.


The big companies got that stuff sorted. It’s Joe Average who is being thrown under the bus by this as he can’t afford the people necessary to navigate that maze