Bus to bus connection in KiCad 7

What’s the proper way to connect multiple buses in KiCad 7?

This works fine (as far as I checked) as long as the buses are not wired together. But this feels a bit hacky. Is there a better solution? Or Is there a way I could visually connect the buses, at least?

I agree. KiCad needs to add a “bus entry to bus” that would allow a subset of bus signals (both named and numbered bus members) to be broken out from a bus. The bus labels on either side of the bus entry would make it clear which signals were connected across the entry.

Are you sure it “works”?
I am not even sure if it is supposed to work.
Does ERC accept this without complaints?

If you draw a thing like:


Then the best guess to connect K[0..7] to K[8..15] in the same order, but it is still a guess. And I don’t like guesses in electronic schematics.

You can put a bus through a hierarchy, but both putting a bush though sheet connectors and renaming the signal names at the same time seems quite iffy to me. It would be nice if there is an officially supported way to do this, but the only way I know is to draw two separate buses (with different names!) and then draw a lot of wires with labels between. I am not aware of a “bus to bus” connector that renames signal names without labels.

The only other way I know is to break out all 8 lines from the hierarchical sheet separately, and put them into the bus on the top level sheet again.

I’m pretty sure it does. You can check it yourself if you want
bus_merge_test.zip (32.2 KB)

Shall we call this polymorphism? :upside_down_face: