Bulk edit schematic: show or hide component values

I have looked, but I cannot find an option for this within EEschema:
I drew the schematic with resistor Value fields hidden. This seemed reasonable at the time…they were getting in the way.
I have since updated the BOM to include the Values of these (and other) components.
I know how I can display the Value of one component at a time… but that seems unnecessarily tedious. How can I do all of the components in one step? Or, at least, all of the components of the same type (resistor, capacitor, etc…) in step-wise fashion?

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Eeschema / Edit / Update Fields from Library…


I had found that command previously. However…that command wipes out any data that is in the BOM (etc), where I have entered the actual component values / specifications. For example, all the resistors then have a “value” of R (not, for example, 4.7kΩ)

I think it should only do this when Reset fields which are empty in library is turned on.

As an alternative. You can open the schematic in a text editor and use search & replace. It’s a quite hackish method, and these days much less needed compared to a few years ago, but it’s still a valid method.

(Be sure you have a backup, as you should do before any potentially disastrous operation).

No, it does the global replacement (and re-set to the library value) even if that “Only if…” option is turned off

Indeed. I also tried it now, and it even resets the value fields if that box is unchecked. It looks like a bug to me.

I also tried it in kicad-nightly V5.99, which has a vastly improved similar dialog Eeschema / Edit Text & Graphics Properties… and there (at least this part) works as expected.

I’m in doubt whether to report this for V5 on gitlab. It looks like a bug, but we’re getting so close now to KiCad V6…

Right…well, it did seem that editing in this fashion would be 1) a desirable feature and 2) that it shouldn’t behave the way it does now!
Due to the changes going on in the background (v5.99, v5.999, v5.9999999…) it does seem unreasonable to expect a retroactive fix right now. Any idea of when v6 [stable] will be released?

Later this year.

You can follow the situation in Post-v5 new features and development news.