Building Mac OSX 10.14 binaries for nightlies (+Dashed Silkscreen Lines)

I need to be able to generate dashed lines in the silkscreen layer (and others) which is scheduled for release in KiCAD 7.0 but also available in nightly betas (thanks to Jeff Young for kindly pointing me in that direction).

The issue is that my Mac is on 10.14 and I can’t update to the 10.15 required for the nightlies because half my mission critical programs will stop working!

However, Jeff mentioned that there is nothing inherently 10.15 about the functionality, it’s just that Apple’s build tools don’t support 10.14 anymore: KiCAD’s build system can only build for 10.15. He said that someone on this forum has a build tool that will still accommodate 10.14.

What I need therefore is a KiCAD nightly that has dashed lines and will also work on my 10.14 MacBookPro.

I wonder if anyone can help me out? Cheers, Phin

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