Building KiCAD: -DKICAD_USE_OCC=OFF doesn't work

Hello, KiCAD won’t build on Debian 10, error message is:

Could not find a library for TKBinXCAF at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
Verify your OpenCascade installation or pass CMake
the library directory as ‘-DOCC_LIBRARY_DIR=’

I tried disabling OCC by -DKICAD_USE_OCC=OFF, but without any effect.

What am I doing wrong?


Using Debian 10? :wink:

Debian is ‘stable by default’ and Kicad may be requiring things that aren’t compatible with the distro. That said, I am not a code monkey and really can’t offer specific advice here. It took me awhile to get all of the requirements in initially but I’m now on Bullseye. Even if you get this sorted it may just lead to the next problem.

OCC is required with modern KiCad, you can’t turn it off.

Thanks for reply!

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