Bugreport system changed (bug reporting moved from launchpad to gitlab)

EDIT: continue using Launchpad as long as it’s available.

The whole KiCad ecosystem will be moved to gitlab. Wayne just announced that bug reports and the reporting system are being migrated right now. It may cause some inconvenience, very soon you may not be able to report bugs for some time (hopefully only hours, not days - let’s see).

Wayne also said: “Please do not file any new bugs on GitLab until I make the announcement
that the migration is complete.”

Bugs which have been fixed are already visible in the new bug database. If I have understood correctly only relatively new fixed bugs are moved, older ones (like fixed in v4.0) won’t be there.

So, when launchpad reporting is disabled you may need to wait a bit before trying to write your next bug report! Right now the lauchpad tracker is still functional, though.

Please continue using Launchpad to report bugs at this time.

We are currently moving the closed bugs for version 5 over to GitLab, and once that is complete the current open bugs will be moved. When that happens there will be a short time when neither tracker is available, and afterwards we will officially be using the GitLab tracker.


When the switch over is complete, do we need to be a member of the KiCad group on GitLab to report bugs or is that just for developers, so that it is adequate to just be registered with a GitLab account to report?

Registering is enough. There’s a way to allow communication in gitlab even for non-registered users, but I don’t know if it’s enabled or can it be enabled for kicad project or how it works.


BTW, it’s possible to sign in with:

  • email/password (as expected)
  • Google
  • Github
  • Twitter
  • Bitbucket
  • Salesforce

At this time we will only be accepting things from users registered on GitLab. Anyone can report bugs or open merge requests, but only members of the KiCad Bug Squad (and lead devs) will be able to assign labels and milestones to issues.

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