Bug when saving a component from KiCad library in my custom library

I am working with v5.1.9 of KiCad. I was saving a component from KiCad library to my project library to be able to edit and complete fields of Symbol properties.
The problem is that when saving one component, it imports names of a lot of components of KiCad library, not only the component that I was saving. Example : when I save 1N4001, it comes 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, … So it mess up all my library. It comes only with name, not with content of component. The unique component that comes with content is the one that I was saving.
Anyone already noted this bug ?

That’s not a bug. Parts can have alias names (other parts that have the same symbol). You can see them under Edit->Properties in the symbol editor. Just delete the ones you don’t need.

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Thanks a lot Robert. It is exactly what I needed

You probably missed it, but in your list of symbols in the library the aliases are italicized. That gives you a visual link to know aliases from parent symbols.

Yes, you are true. I didn’t noticed. But my library looks really better without these aliases :slight_smile:

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