Bug when placing two part symbols in version 5.1.7

Hi guys

I’ve been struggling with the 5.1.7. version.
I had a complicated footprint for which the maker has sent me footprints for PADS, Altium and Eagle. I did not want to create my own footprint for that so I managed somehow to install nightly build on another computer and import Altium version and then export symbol and footprint.
Then I copied that footprint and symbol to my main computer running Linux Mint 18.3.
The imported symbol consists of two parts and putting first one on schematic is fine but when I try to add another one the whole Kicad just shuts down without the warning. If I try to put any other symbol on schematic after I added any part of a two part symbol the same happens.
I thought this was because I altered symbol library by hand. But when I tried to repeat that with any other symbol consisting of multiple different parts the same happens. Kicad just vanishes without warning. I then repeated that on my other machines with the same Kicad version and same happens.

Once I put the symbols down one by one and save after each placement and continue working I can work normally.

Did anyone had similar issues before?

This is very likely the same bug I found recently for multi unit symbols.
After a multi-unit symbol was placed, and after that another symbol Eeschema crashed.

I reported the issue for V5.99:

and soon there after closed that issue myself, because it was already reported earlier (For V5.1.7)

A fix was committed on 2020-12-03 (see (#1602) and it should therefore be fixed with the next stable release (V5.1.9).
I can also not reproduce this bug anymore in the latest nightlies.

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It’s usually safe to use testing builds of 5.1 branch. They include only the bug fixes which will form the next minor dot version. Then you don’t have to wait for the release of 5.1.9.

Thanks for fast reply.
I missed this during search for bugs. I placed the symbols and I’m fine now but I was afraid that the KiCad will crash at a later point because something is wrong with my library components.
I’ll wait for the official update to update my copy I don’t want to risk anything by using test builds. Need to get his project prototype by NY

Understood, thought Testing 5.1.x is far from the here be dragons of 5.99 Nightlies.
I use Testing for real work

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