[BUG?] Some Vias not affected by default netclass parameters


So I’m having trouble doing a global change of some via parameters. As far as I understand, the best way to do this is to change the default via size in the design rules, then in the default canvas, use the context menu, select “edit all tracks and vias”, then change all vias to their netclass value. This will replace about 60% of the vias on my board, however some of the other ones are left unchanged. All of my nets are set to the default netclass, so I’m not sure why this is happening. If I go into the design rules I can see that the settings are correct, and if I go into openGL mode, right click the via, and select “use netclass default” it will change properly.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

Some vias could not be changed because of the current clearance settings. When destination via size might violate the minimum clearance it will not be updated.

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That impresses me as VERY well planned behavior! The developers deserve special recognition for that.

The one shortcoming (as demonstrated by this example) is that the behavior is more sophisticated than the comprehension of many users. It would be helpful to display a message, such as “xxx vias were changed to new parameters. xxx vias could not be changed to new parameters because of clearance rules.”


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Ahh, this makes sense, thanks.
I ended up just changing the VIAs by hand and then dealing with the DRCs that followed. If I needed to in the future, would it be possible to turn this behaviour off, or is there some other workaround in this case? If I set my clearance to -10 or some value like that would they theoretically change then?