Bug report Netlist

I couldn’t find Help->Report bug

I had made an error in the Schematic: A CAP had the Value anf the reference the wrong way round. After I corrected it, I got this: when bringing it into PCB.

There are now approximately 1500 open issue on gitlab, and not enough people working on that list, it is still growing…

I like to have a look at your project, to see if I can reproduce this error.
Maybe I could also do some cleanup. I saw for example you used the spice capacitors as schematic symbols instead of KiCad’s “normal” (and neater) capacitors.

I can also write the bug report if I can reproduce the error.

If you like this, then zip your project and upload it here.

Hi P,
I have had similar issues with other project, where the error is e,g, ‘line 1 whould be 2’ somthing like that.
This one occured after I had corrected lots of error. I imagine, that I confused the syspem, by messing about.
I’ll try to repoduce it, and let you know if I can.

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