Bug or feature?

KiCad 5.1.2
When I open empty project and then PcbNew at right panel first positions are: F.Cu, B.Cu.
When I change project to pic_programmer (one of demos installed with KiCad) at right panel first positions are: top_layer, bottom_layer.
I am surprised because such things should be software dependent and not project dependent, but certainly are project dependent (to check I have switched projects several times).
If I know where I can define my names for copper layers I would suppose that may be someone defined such possibility as feature, but I don’t know.
Is it a bug?

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It’s a feature. You can change the names of the copper layers in the Board Setup dialog.

Many times a copper layer will have a defined purpose, such as GND or +3V3, and it’s helpful to be able to name the layer rather than trying to remember which layer of a 16 layer board is which.


Thanks. If in that example there would be inner layers named like you said I would probably understood. But as I was thinking about 2 layers than nameing F.Cu as top-layer looked for me as makeing things worse as F.Silk and others F.xxx didn’t changed to top-Silk …

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I must express my agreement. If an example is presented as part of the standard installation, we should make a special effort to make it as consistent and unambiguous as possible. In this case, if the naming convention uses “top_layer”, then there should also be “top_silk”, “top_mask”, etc.


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