BUG Nightly version of the line drawing space lattice key does not return to zero

Hm, you’re not the first to report this - I’ve seen some chatter about it recently… will see if I can turn up some links

Yup, here:

I think the person who marked it as Confirmed is planning on fixing it (but…don’t quote me)


And a note, this is a much better description then I posted of this behavior. No need for me to report it then.

Maybe set the “it affects me” flag and give your version information.

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I don’t see a specific “it affects me” flag.
Do you want me to use the “Something Else” flag?

Flag was maybe the wrong word. I meant this button. (“Circled” in pink)
Note: This button only appears after you logged in.

still not working version of 27 October 2017

Your version is waaaay too old, it may have been fixed. I experienced something like that, but not recently (within some weeks, maybe). And this forum is not a bug tracker, it would be more efficient to use the lauchpad bugtracker if you want to confirm the existence of a reported bug or see the status.