Bug in webpage rendering

There’s a bug in the way the Kicad website implements the header bar. It’s supposed to stay put but change to show the thread title when the page is scrolled down. However sometimes images and block quotes can confuse it, see this screenshot where the contents intrude on the header.

There is no problem when using firefox

I am using Firefox. :grinning: And the bug doesn’t happen with Chrome. Should have mentioned that. So the webpage code may be exploiting some undefined HTML behaviour.

On further investigation, it stops happening when I unblock archive.org in noscript. This seems to be the use of archive.org that triggers it:

        <div class='post' itemprop='articleBody'>
          <p>Obviously, you’ll need to be able to support a scripted analogue clock in its own dedicated layer:</p>
            <video title="pcb-rnd-ui-layer : Tibor " width="603" height="480" style="max-width:100%" controls="">
              <source src="https://archive.org/download/pcb_rnd_ui_layer/clock.mp4"></source>

<p><img src="https://forum.kicad.info/images/emoji/twitter/wink.png?v=5" title=":wink:" class="emoji" alt=":wink:"></p>

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