BUG Graphic Arc with big radius

I have to make custom shape PCB - I imported DXF file from solidworks, to get custom shape as edge.cut.
Everything imports as nice except top arc.
Edge cut is compleated but - it isn’t displayed right. (Red background- top coper layer)

Problem exists also in generated gerber files.
Kicad project: https://mega.nz/#!1xZBEJoA!WxQI7NwaMLqRKetn-7TCpVwS0QPU61cSMORm93YXIH8

Please give some sugesstions to get this board right. (I also tried to delete imported arc, and make new from Kicad (identical size and radius) - but problem still exists )

this is relater to 3d viewer …

// Arcs are approximated by segments: define the number of segments per 360 deg (KiCad uses 0.1
// deg approximation).  Be aware 3600 / ARC_APPROX_SEGMENTS_COUNT_LOW_DEF is an integer.

the gerber file of EdgeCuts is fine

Fill Zones are converted with similar approximation to the one used for 3d viewer


a workaround is to convert your big arc into polyline inside your dxf editor and re-export the edge…
Then your board will have an edge with an approximation of the arc, but the fill zone will be aligned to edge
test-circle-to-polyline.kicad_pcb (15.0 KB)


You probably have to create a custom filled zone outline like I had to do some time back:

my board was circular for most of it, so I just used a python script to generate the circular zone outline with as many segments as deemed necessary for the large diameter to get a nice outline that wasn’t as segmented.
warning: script output needs to be put into the kicad_pcb file manually with a text editor

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