BUG - Drawing ARCs in footprint editor crashes KiCad

Is this a known bug?

How would I attempt to be able to quickly find if this is a known bug?

It appears that if I attempt to draw only 1 arc, then save, everything is fine. However, it seems like attempting to draw a second arc, crashes KiCad into oblivion.

And, I am using a very old nightly.

Ah, one of the “Naughty Nightlies” :slight_smile:

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Hiyas Bob,

I get it, I really do. However, I did “upgrade” to version 4.0.5 only to find it did not fix the issues that I had with 4.0.4 … There were a few bugs in .04 that were enough to prompt me to move to a nightly. Then, with these bugs still in .05, that prompted me to move back to using this nightly.

So, I have none of the earlier bugs, and the 2 bugs that I know of in my nightly I seem have workarounds for; and I have some extra features that I am making use of. Why would I go back?

I’m also right in the middle of a project, and I’m going to finish it before I try the .06 release that came out.

Thanks for the link. I knew there had to be an easier way to search the listings.

There is no going back!

Basically, if you are using a nightly for normal use, you are playing Minesweeper. Watch out for the BOOM!

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If you use Nighlies, save frequently in case of crashes and keep snapshot backups because the worst case scenario is that a new bug corrupts the project data file somehow and you have to dump a days work. A rare situation, but it can happen


This is exactly what I have been doing. But, until today I have not had a problem that crashed KiCad on my system nor lost data of any kind.

And, I use a specific nightly, not “nightlies”. I don’t work on the bleeding edge, I work on a nightly that has fewer bugs then the stable .05 version.

Which is why we keep repeating that novices should avoid Nightlies. The precautions needed are beyond many of them

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[quote=“Sprig, post:3, topic:5889”]
So, I have none of the earlier bugs
[/quote] that “I” experienced in the .04 and .05 stable Windows releases.

Why would I want to introduce more bugs into my experience? … For which I have no workaround for?