Btw, using v5 now for 3 days (after some hiatus) and


Those are valid points. But you still have enough room to grip the connector collar on top and bottom and rotate it that way, you only need to rotate it about 40 degrees.
I made them as spaced out as possible given constraints of the chosen enclosure. It’s a hobby project, with mainly educational goals so robustness in the field was pretty low on my list.

New photo by Andrew Lutsenko


As long as everything is clean and the connectors are not deformed in any way and within specs.
And as long as you are not trying to disconnect the middle one without first disconnecting one of the outer ones. (you do not have full 40 degrees in such a configuration where you can apply all or your force.)

Really use this stuff while on a ladder, near the exhaust of a 50MW diesel engine. Or in the oil well of said motor.

I really hate it that designers only test their bullshit in clean conditions. Go out. Lay down in the oily mud (that feels and smells like cancer) below a big motor and tell me again that your device is easy to connect and disconnect while you are cooked alive fumbling with your protective gloves, not really seeing what you are doing, desperately trying to connect (or disconnect) the middle connector and wondering if you are paid enough to do this shit.

This comes from experience. A very expensive measurement device by a very well known brand had its bnc connectors way too near to each other (looked similar to your picture). They famed themselves with their device being hardened against anything you can throw at it but did forget that the user might not like the environment in such a case either. (your device at least looks like it would die before the user in such an environment.)


Uhm, no thanks, I like my cushy office job better :slight_smile:
I do understand your frustration though and don’t take it as addressed at me personally. Like I said my device is never intended to be used in any industrial application or any commercial capacity for that matter.


The reason i commented above is because of:

To which my simple answer is: Because it makes connecting and disconnecting of this connector a lot easier. (Is it always necessary? No. Will the user of your device thank you at some point if you give this space? I would say yes.)


@Rene_Poschl I’m enjoin learning your experience of use case :-). Also, don’t use smart phone, use dump old phone when doing that kind of work (Like i did :slight_smile: )


I just discovered another neat nightly feature. There is now a drop down list of already used label names when creating a new label. (Sadly there is no live filtering option for it. But it is still a lot better than everything we had until now.)


we sometimes need to have high density video connectors placed very close each others, then we need to use bnc screw drivers, because fingers cannot even handle the connectors… not very nice but a forced requirement…
This may be useful in your user case too :smiley:


What a poor technician jobs. 1 mins hat off for them please…


Some small part of me just died by looking at this photo. I wonder where the restrictions came from that this device was build such that the connectors are placed this close to each other. (There seems to be enough space in the back-wall of the device to give the user a bit more room.)


@Rene_Poschl the photo was for showing an example within the screw driver coming from google … the real user case is for high range high density professional video routers…


I think he meant “the poor technician needing to work with a device where he can not even connect a connector without a tool”. (And i would guess there was a bit of an attempt at humor at play.)


Anyway, there is even more fun going to micro BNCs :slight_smile:


and sorry @nhatkhai if I misunderstood your post :smiley: … BTW I edited mine :wink:


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