BSOD when Zooming (Windows 10-64 bit)

Very strange problem that I am having on one of my three windows 10 (home 64) computers. While in the schematic library editor, If I have objects on the page that are visible, and start doing a zoom in, when I get to a zoom factor of 22.00 and then do a zoom in again, I get a BSOD. If the window has no objects to display, everything is fine. On my one computer (Lenovo I7 with GTX960), this is a very reproducible problem. On the other two computers, a Dell laptop (I7) and a Dell Desktop with an old QuadCore, this problem does not happen at all.

Because of the fact that on the one computer the problem is very reproducible, I would not think it is anykind of hardware failure (bad memory), but seems to be some sort of problem between KiCad and this specific computers.

Was wondering if anybody else has run into this?

Thank you.

The BSOD actually occurs when I zoom from 15.71 to 22.00. Also, in the schematic editor, this problem does not exist. Only in the schematic library editor…


I fear this problem might be a bug where other users are not really able to help you with.
(Developers don’t really visit this forum.)

I would suggest you report this as a bug over at launchpad. (By the way you should include which graphic card and driver you are using.)
How To:
The Bugtracker:

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How are you seeing the zoom factor, experimenting with a Win7-64 KiCad Nightly and library editor, I zoom in and out, but no factor displaying

In the status bar at the bottom of the window in the Library Part Editor
you will see a field with a Z in it followed by the zoom factor.


Now I see it, odd :confounded:. Zooming to 22 and back works on 4.0.5 with Intel 4600 and Nightly on a Radeon.
Is your GTX960 using a Lenovo supplied driver or one direct from Nvidia?

Direct from NVidia. And when the problem was first noted a few days
ago, went to Nvidia and downloaded the very latest drive.

This morning I noticed patches of video breaking up on the screen. I am
starting to think there may be a hardware problem as Eschema Blue
screened this morning as well :(. I have ordered a new video card (a
GTX750) and will see if that fixes the problem.


Presumably you have an OEM GTX960, which customises features. It might be worth looking on the Lenovo website in case they have a tailored driver