Breaking one side of a fill polygon

I have the following problem. Let’s take a simple example.
I have a PCB, and I have defined a ground plane filling with a rectangle (ground as a default for the whole surface). Now I would like to have a corner excluded of this ground plane. Therefore I need to break one of the sides and move the corrners accordingly. How can I do that? The only method I found is to delete the rectangle and draw a new one with the proper modification. But is there a way to add a specific point, that will become a corner if I drag it?
Thanks for any hint!

1). Right click on a Zone boundary.
2). Select “Create corner” from the popup menu.
3). Move your newly created corner.

Also: If you want to keep zone bondaries horzional / vertical you can check the checkbox for the zone in the zone properties settings.

Great! Thanks a lot!

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