BOOK : KiCad Like a Pro 2nd edition

About the book “KiCad Like a Pro 2nd edition” by Dr. Peter Dalmaris :

I could be very interested in buying this book, for which I found good references on the Kicad website, but no information if it is only an e-book or a “real hard paper” printed edition.
Does somebody know if a paper edition exists, and where and how I could order it ?

Thanks in advance for answers.

Here is paper version on amazon. Be careful though, it most likely covers KiCad 5.0, not 5.1 which has substantial differences in UI.

There’s of course the official site, and you can apparently order from there, too:

(EDIT: that’s ebook only.)

You might also like to do a search for discounts. For example I seem to remember I bought my ebook via the PCBWay website which got me 10% off.

Thank you everybody.
After finding it on Amazon (US), who cannot deliver outside the US, I found it on Elektor (F), from which I was able to ordered it (from Switzerland).
Still Thanks, Charly.

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