BOMER - Parts Inventory software for KICAD users

to whom it may concern :
I’m testing BOMER which is a Parts Inventory software, imports KICAD BOM and manage projects.
In my opinion this could be a great program for KICAD users

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is there any advantage compared to KiCost?

In my opinion they have similarities and differences, so nothing like testing it

for windows download, am getting a tar file…?

There are tools available for windows that can unpack this.
Example 7-zip

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Thank you. it worked.

Yes, just unpack it. the program doesn’t need installation.
You can contact the the developer directly by gitter
The program’s still in beta but all features are fully functional.
For me, the main advantages are its stock management and the ability to store part lists necessary to use in projects.

For those of you interested in this type of software, you might also want to take a look at EPIC by yours truly. It’s open source and very easy to setup and run (install epic-sample with pip and off you go).