Bom2csv outputs XML


I am trying to create BOM using the integrated BOM generator bom2csv python script.

When I run it, it outputs an XML file instead of a csv. How can I make it output a csv?

Thank you

It creates two files, one with .xml ending and another without an ending. The xml file is intermediate, the other is the csv file.


I leave this here in case anybody needs more details about BOM How to create a bill of materials (BOM)? (I no longer remember if i detail the fact that any BOM first makes an xml file and then goes to the script.)

Thank you. As you said, the file was there.

The reason why I didn’t see it was that my file name ends in v0.0, therefore the file was set as a .0 file rather than .csv. I simply added the .csv at the end and all good.

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