Bom2csv generates error 11 - but no spaces in path. Why?

I’ve been using KiCad for a while and have just started using a new laptop (may not have anything to do with this problem, just putting it out there).
I can’t generate a BOM using bom2csv, which I have always used. It is giving me Error 11. The only time I ever got that was in the beginning when I found out that there can’t be any spaces in the path. Anyone know what’s wrong here? Could the path be too long?

Run command:
xsltproc -o “C:\Users\meeeksz\Desktop\Kicad_Projects\Polaris\HighSideSwitch_V4\High_Side_Switch_V4_101617” “C:\Program Files\KiCad\bin\scripting\plugins\bom2csv.xsl” “C:\Users\meeeksz\Desktop\Kicad_Projects\Polaris\HighSideSwitch_V4\High_Side_Switch_V4_101617.xml”

Command error. Return code 11

Error messages:
I/O error : Invalid argument
I/O error : Invalid argument

The definitive guide

"If you use a path in the first parameter, it must use / "