BOM V8 Can I have footprint without library name?

First time generating CSV BOM from V8.
‘Value’ is output into BOM without library name, but footprint is output with library name.
If I could get it without library name I would be able to get these fields exactly as I need them and insert them at once in the right position. If not I have to place (all of them) into another columns of my spreadsheet and then copy all fields except one that (while copying) I have to remove from it the library name.

Is it possible to have in csv BOM footprint without library name?

Custom field, using ${FOOTPRINT_NAME} as content.

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In Edit tab I have tried to add field.
But I am asked only for ‘New field name:’.
When I have written as name ‘Footpr’ it was used as column header, but in Export tab not shown.
When I used ${FOOTPRINT_NAME} it was used as column header and also as all column fields, but in Export tab not shown (even Show checkbox is checked).
If I try edit the field I have just added I am asked to Rename field.
I use 8.0.3 stable release.

I don’t see how I can make added field being custom and having different contents of Field and Label.
Did something was changed since 8.0.3 ?

I added an extra field to a symbol in the schematic and it works fine. Then I opened Tools → Generate Bill of Materials. The new field is there.

Editing the Labels in the BOM dialog seems to be a bit buggy. I have to click the field many times to make it editable. After I have edited it, the BOM table isn’t updated. I have to click OK and reopen the dialog. Then everything is updated. Note that the table still seems to show only the variable name, not the replacement string (which is a feature because it can be edited and saved back to the schematic). However, the Export tab shows the replaced string.

I understand your way, I think.
I suppose to do this extra field is needed in all symbols.

If footprint without library name not exists in KiCad default BOM conception I will stay with my old way.
I get from KiCad footprint with library name and in my spreadsheet I copy it from columns taken from KiCad to columns of my BOM with deleting library name on the way.
All my footprint library names are single letter so such modification of footprint strings is simple.

This shouldn’t be a problem, either. I can add the field in the BOM/Edit Symbol Fields dialog, too, and add the FOOTPRINT_NAME variable there once for all symbols in the schematic. There’s no need to edit symbols one by one or edit the libraries. There are just those couple of glitches with editing the Label field and saving/re-opening for updating the view. I seem to be able to do exactly what you want to do; maybe you still stumble on some detail which doesn’t work optimally?

I understand it as something that have to be done each time while generating BOM. I am trying to avoid any extra work needed at preparing output files. Not because time but because you need to remember what you have to do.
With my way instead of getting csv exactly as I need directly from KiCad and then:

  1. opening it as text,
  2. copying all by Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C,
  3. pasting it (Ctrl+V) at A5 position in my BOM.

I get from KiCad csv that needs no special actions from me and then do the same 3 steps but in step 3 instead of pasting at A5 I paste at I5. And rest is done by formulas in spreadsheet.

Previously csv got from KiCad had extra lines at the beginning so I used to open it as text to select only interesting lines. May be now as there are no these extra lines opening and copying is not needed and I can insert csv directly. I will check it.

I asked hopping that I can configure BOM generator to get what I need this time and (with no need to do any modifications) for any other schematic in future.
With spreadsheet formuls I need only to select few cells and then grab it by small square end extend at so many rows as I need. To do this I don’t need to rememebr anything in the kind ‘how to do it’.

For me it is certainly easier way until it will be possible to such configure BOM generator to get footprint without library name with no need to add any extra field as this field is already there. Value can be without library so why not footprint :slight_smile: