BOM script to generate a simple list of materials


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I was generating BOM through the scripts in KiCad. The scripts gave detailed list of the components being used. I was looking for a script which would generate a simple list (such as name of the instance viz. R1, U1 etc, its value viz. 1K, LM7805 etc and maybe its quantity). Such a list would be useful for taking a print out and going to the local market for purchasing the components. Is anyone aware of such a script pls.?

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Arvind Gupta



But if you want to do a purchase list there is the KiCost tool.


I use KiBom mainly to assembly list.


I was inspired by your post to see what KiCommand could do.

Let me know if you want to test this out and I’ll accelerate the release of this version. Otherwise it’ll be out at the next update.

I have it worked out by adding a counter command that counts the members in the list. That and the previous additions of formatted printing, and formatted printing to a file allow a simple BOM script:

Call on the existing loaded board:

modules GetValue call counter list items call delist "Qty: {1} Name: {0}" printf

Loading the example board:

"C:\Program Files\kicad\share\kicad\demos\complex_hierarchy\complex_hierarchy.kicad_pcb" loadboard  modules GetValue call counter list items call delist "Qty: {1} Name: {0}" printf

With output:

Qty: 2 Name: 5,6K 
Qty: 1 Name: 78L05 
Qty: 2 Name: 10uF 
Qty: 6 Name: 1K 
Qty: 4 Name: 22K 
Qty: 4 Name: 47 
Qty: 1 Name: 47uF 
Qty: 4 Name: MPAS92 
Qty: 1 Name: 47uF/63V 
Qty: 1 Name: 1N4007 
Qty: 6 Name: CONN_2 
Qty: 8 Name: 1N4148 
Qty: 2 Name: 15nF 
Qty: 1 Name: 47uF/20V 
Qty: 6 Name: 220K 
Qty: 2 Name: 820pF 
Qty: 1 Name: ICL7660 
Qty: 2 Name: 4.7nF 
Qty: 4 Name: MPAS42 
Qty: 2 Name: 470 
Qty: 2 Name: LM358N 
Qty: 4 Name: 4,7K 
Qty: 2 Name: 150nF