BOM Script command lost after restart

Went I went to export a new BOM with KiCad BOM Wizard the script and corresponding command line is not in the list anymore, the list is empty. This is the same for all my projects.

How could it happen? Is it suppose to follow eeschema or the project?
I find setup up the command line for KiCad BOM Wizard quite fiddly, with escaping av spaces and correcting of dashes and what not. This time I actually never managed to get it working and gave up. I am really hoping for a neat and integrated solution for BOM generation in the future :slight_smile:

Are you sayinging the BOM output file is in the project directory, but not listed in the KiCad project browser.
The browser does hide several files by default eg hierarchical schematic sub sheets

I believe he is referring to the plugin list in the BOM dialog.

It is part of Eeschema not your project.

Your are right.

Yes, the list is suddenly empty. I’ve not updated KiCad nor have I done any changes that I think would have this effect.

Can you think of a reason this may happen?

Logging in as another user?

The plugin list is saved in the “Eeschema” file, under Windows this file can be found in


This is it. I had to copy and restore my user data after a domain server crash. This data somehow didn’t follow along.

Thank you!