Bom reporter - advanced matching with PartKeepr

I made a BOM reporter with the following features

  • Matching
    • allow coarse or fine matching, depending on how many component requirements are added in KiCad
    • having a - in the component value in KiCad shows available components of that component kind, filtered by its requirement restrictions.
    • report stock components that match a range of values
    • share specifications between components in PartKeepr categories
  • Display
    • display E-series, see at a glance how general or special values are
    • display max voltage and max current of resistors when powerrating is know.
    • display max current of zenerdiodes when powerrating is know
    • display calculated specifications besides schematic values
  • Update PartKeepr
    • update descriptions with uniformly generated ones, also showing inherited parameters
    • update part names with uniform formatting
    • import matched stock components in a PartKeepr project
    • create parts that aren’t in the PartKeepr database yet.

It’s on:


The same tool can calculate as well, as explained over here:

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do I see it correctly? Windows only?
Tried with wine, however I got OLE error when executing Generate BOM.xml


Can your script/program read BOM from csv files?


I have no experience with Wine. The tool uses MSXML and Ado. One of those can be the source of the OLE exception. Maybe that will help?


The tool is written to read the XML format from KiCad.

This is also important because in that format one can have any number of fields being written to the BOM output.

The script supports quite a few extra fields, which could be considered one of it strong points, because matching is not only about values and footprints.

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