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hi i hope someone can help me out or tell me how to fix this problem…

i have a set of gerbers for an old PCAD program and cant get the original now… i did a bom but the P&P file has the SMD parts off set on both the front and back of the board…

i’m not sure how the P&P does its x & y numbers as i tried measuring in gerber view but the number in the P&P is say 854.1119 and if i use the measure ruler it says 45.xxmm so I’m not sure what to do…

can anyone help… i have the pdf of the smd that are out of align from pcb fab company…


You can load your gerbers and PnP file in Gerbv. Then you will see which components are misplaced. Then you can edit the PnP file and try again. This will be a tedious task, but so will all other ways of solving this as well.

You will probably have to re-format the PnP file using Excel or similar.

  • Gerbv displays well-formed pick-and-place files. Pick-place files should contain XYRS (X, Y, Rotation, placement Side) information, and be held in a comma-separated ASCII (.csv) format.

Windows binaries:

Unfortunately, this is not working for me in the version v2.7.0, there seems to be a problem with the scaling, doesn’t matter if I export in mm or inches, or if I change the units (view->units) in gerbv.

however, it did work on an older version (v2.6.1) after I changed the units in gerbv (view->units->mm)


That’s great! I don’t know why 2.7.0 is different, but it shouldn’t matter for your use case if you’re using 2.6.1 instead. Hope you manage to correct all your placements.

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