BOM Items/Fields - Most Correct Place for KiCad?

I’m not sure the best way to ask this and I’m new to KiCad. When dealing with parts like resistors when you need to list a specific part for a BOM when a board will be assembled by a third party, I’m not sure where the “most correct” place is to specify the specific part and what should be there.

For example, for a resistor, in my schematic I have a R_US symbol, in the schematic I set the footprint to a 1202 footprint that I know my specific resistor will fit. Is it “most correct” to add the specific manufacture’s part number as a field in the schematic side? I don’t know who will handle the assembly yet, if I wanted to cover all my bases should I include vender links like digikey? In other words, is there an industry standard list of fields I should be including? I want to be consistent between parts, but I also don’t want to waste my time with fields that don’t matter.

Or am I fool, approaching this all wrong?

There are several ways people do it.
I defined my way of making BOM when I moved from Protel 3 to KiCad in 2017. Those time KiCad (V4) had no much help to make BOM. I didn’t spend time to investigate new features of V7 regarding database and BOM creation so I still use my way. The key description of my way is: Using value and footprint from KiCad csv BOM I add to BOM what I want form my spreadsheet where I have all elements described as I want.

Even not exactly to your question but you can get an overview of how I do with it from what I have written in past:

In “schematic setup” add custom fields at “field name templates” for examples DIGI_PN, Mfr, Mfr_PN, etc. Then export them to BOM - use the script where you can add extra fields:" "%I" "%O_new_bom.csv" "DIGI_PN" "Mfr" "Mfr_PN"
For less standard items I like to include datasheet link too. But that’s more for a designer then a person who will assembly it.
I have the extra fields (and other things) saved in my custom template which I usually load in when I start a new project.
Not sure if there is an “industry standard”. I use whatever is needed (and it changes with different PCB assembly houses. You don’t have to fill them in and export to BOM, but they are there if needed.
After a few project you probably will figure out what you need.

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