BOM input and suggestion of parts

Hi everyone,

Me and a group of friends have been collaborating together and no ones is looking forward to generate the BOM. To make it less one of our worries, we agreed to use just one BOM format, but when preparing it for the manufacturer, it is necessary to add additional data.
I created a script that gets a CSV file, determines what is the content of each field and crunches the BOM providing more information. Also, if the parts are not in the database, but there is the SupplierRef or ManufacturerRef, the script should be able to get the new part in the database. The best part, is if you do not have the part fully description, but some fields are good enough to propose a part, the program will do so.
I have parsed a few types of BOMs, but the system learns automatically with each different BOM schema.
The interface is a simple python program to upload the selected file for processing.

Copy the program PythonScript to BOM folder and run it there. (it uses python3)

. You will find a good tutorial here

The processed BOM will have extra components information, price link to digikey part with all details and will propose some parts numbers to those items without it.

Constructive critics are more than welcome…


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Hi Andy, I keep a small database in the server.