BOM in Kicad 5.1.5

I am unable to extract the BOM from the Kicad version 5.1.5. It is showing me argument error. I have tried to install the Xsltproc and also tried to solve the problem using saxon but it is not working in the kicad V5.1.5.

Looks like you’re mixing Windows and Linux syntax. Check your back and forward slashes.

Also, ensure you’re not using Glyph fonts (use UTF-8 unicode). Underscores “_” are fine but, avoid dashes “-”

I am using windows so what syntax will be preferable?

Suggest you search internet for something like “using slashes in directory path”

can you send me the command line (sample) for windows so that i will be able to extract the BOM.

Thank you for your help i have run the script using python. Thank you for your help.

Below is the script if anyone want to use
python “Directory of the plugin with .py” “%I” “%O.csv”

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