Board Stats, Routing Status/Progress

I am searching in KiCad for a useful tool I had in my other CAD. A tool to report on the percentage of routing completed on a design and to list any that is yet to be connected. Does it exist or is there a different way of doing this in KiCad?

The simplest is to just look at the status area at the bottom of Pcbnew:

The partial screenshot above is of a fully routed board of mine.
The info in that status area varies a lot with what you’re doing.
Compare for example when nothing is selected ( pres [Esc] a few times) or when a track or a component is selected, or you’re drawing tracks.

In Pcbnew there is ofcourse also:

Pcbnew / Inspect / Design Rule Checker
The status window is just a quick overview, the Design Rule Checker is much more thorough and has precedence over the simple status bar.

Also: If you’re new to the DRC checker in Pcbnew, you should also check the ERC in Eeschema:

Eeschema / Inspect / Electrical Rules Checker.

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