Board Setup not showing nets Kicad 7.0.0

Is anyone else having issues with Board Setup (in pbceditor) not showing the nets in KiCAD 7.0.0?
It worked fine in KiCAD 6
I found “mattr” had the same problem in KiCad 5.10 / 5.14 in 2019


Is it this “issue”? Netlist not showing up

A 4 year old problem is unlikely to be relevant to software 2 major releases later.

Be more specific about what you see and what you expect.

One of the possibilities is that you’re getting stuck because the assignments of nets to net classes has changed in V7, but I don’t like guessing about what the problem might be.

Thank you Paul - this is the issue :grinning:
Net class assignments is different in KiCad 7.
Strange I only found the old post of Kicad 5, not this one…

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