Board is finished, massive list of ERC errors

Hi everyone,
I have finished my board after months of working at it. Before ordering it i decided to do a ERC check, which i obviously should have done before preparing the board but since i was new to the software most of it didn’t really make sense to me so i decided to move on with my board. The design works, this is my 4th iteration(previous ones where in Eagle) and every component is connected as it should be. I have designed some components myself and didn’t fully understand the utility of pin definition(input/output) so i mainly ignored it. Now almost every single connection in EEschema gives me an error, even simple things like GND and 5V. Literally everything i have done is wrong in some way while i know that what i want is legit so it has to be me not using the software in the way i should. Can anyone help me out?

Most of your problems might come from badly made symbols. (Bad decisions regarding electrical pin types.)

You might want to read these FAQ articles:

And you also did not tell kicad where the supply of your power comes from resulting in “not driven” errors:

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