Board edge pad design?!


I’d like to make my first footprint to create a custom board wire connection.
the idea is to have a pad in a U shape ( open on edge board ) that is pretty deep about 7mm.

something similar to a surface mount module:

the wire would be in the U part :

the reason I want to do this is to get slimmer board/wire possible.
I’ll be reusing for different board so I’m curious if a foot print would easily be imported to a board or I should design on the edge cut ?


That would be called a “Castellation”

To get one fabricated generally involves asking your fabricator how they want it presented on the gerbers,

You will also want to make sure your cables are supported other than on the board, as a wire being flexed could break off the plating.


See for example How to create plated half-holes


Thanks !!
I found the PCBWay requierments for castellation here

I’ll try to make the pads in a new library footprint editor.
once I have 4pins to hookup I’ll associate with the pins…

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