Bluetooth audio receiver module with KiCad footprint / docs?


I have designed a small radio based on those small Chinese I2C FM modules (SI4702 / RDA5807).
Everything is done under KiCad, from schematic to gerber.
The output of the FM module feeds the Aux input of a KRC-86B Bluetooth audio receiver board so that I can either listen to the radio or to a bluetooth audio source.
However this requires two separate boards and the KRC-86B is getting a bit old.
Is there is a specific Bluetooth audio receiver module which can replace the KRC-86B and be integrated into my KiCad design ? I need Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, and a stand-alone audio module, preferrably with the Aux input (automatically disabled when connected to a Bluetooth audio source).
Any hints appreciated. Thanks !

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