Blog about how to make library assets

Spot on, this world perfectly, what a relief thanks for that.
I would suggest that these specific power symbols (typically needed when following TI reference designs) should be saved in a global library - see James’ short tutorial on this here:

First of all this is a 3 year old thread. Nothing discussed here is of any relation with current kicad features. (KiCad 4 was still quite young at the time this was written. Now we already have the second generation of KiCad 5) It might have been better to create a new post as you clearly want to share this blogpost not help somebody who is long gone. (This is why i am going to split it from the current discussion.)

Your linked blog does not really say anything about power symbols. (Another reason why i think a new topic is better)
A better link for the topic of the original thread is the FAQ article for creating symbols that also includes a section on how to make a power symbol: Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x)

Now about that blog in general (offtopic):

The general quality of that blog seems to be ok. But the details show that the person writing it might not fully understand all they wrote about.

I find it really strange that the person writing it suggests to use google to search for footprints instead of using kicad internal tools for that. (And the remark “there is no connection between symbols and footprints outside the schematic” is also completely wrong. There are after all quite a number of fully specified symbols in the official lib. I really find it strange that there are still a lot of people out there that think the CvPcb workflow is the only option for kicad.) Our FAQ might be a better option:

They also do not fully grasp what the cache lib is. It is not only for sharing a project. It really must be considered to be part of the schematic file. Without it strange things can and probably will happen. (No matter if the project never leaves your personal machine or if you share it. Keep this file around and take good care of it.)

Thanks @Rene_Poschl! I linked to it because it helped me (a total beginner:) to find a solution to that same issue the OP had. Sorry I’m new, inexperienced and probably too enthusiastic haha… you can just delete the whole thing no worries!

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