Blind vias show up on all layers when printed

I am wrapping up the first prototype of a new layout. I am using blind vias for the first time. I think I found a minor bug when putting together my board documentation. I usually print my board layers to PDF using the print feature and a print to PDF printer driver. When I was doing that for this project I noticed that my blind vias were showing on every layer of the print. This is only a minor inconvenience as I can plot to PDF instead and they do not show up when using plot. Plot just does not combine the PDF pages into one document, so that adds a little extra work for me.

I can attach some files if needed, but it seems pretty easy to reproduce. In my case I have a 4 layer board, with blind vias from layers 1-2.

I can confirm this on latest Windows Testing
Blind vias from either side and buried vias show on print on all layers
I have raised an issue report

This has been tagged Confirmed, Low priority - nobody makes complex 4+ layer boards from prints, to be fixed in 7.0

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Thanks for confirming and entering the issue. The low priority makes sense to me.

I used to use layer prints to try to figure out where components would be in the actual casing.
The 3D rendering and STEP export are a better replacement

The 3D rendering tool is very useful on multiple levels, and I always use it for confirming everything from proper footprints, good component placement, manufacturability and legibility of silkscreen.

The prints in this case, are just part of a documentation package that I do for every revision release of my boards. They are not actually used for manufacturing, more for later reference. They are a little bit redundant to the gerbers, but I can share a PDF with someone easier than sharing gerbers.

You can also plot to PDF and that works correctly

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