Blender v3.5.1 VRML2 Export Addon (KiCad Compatible .wrl)

Blender v3.5.1 VRML2 Export Addon (KiCad Compatible .wrl)

(Click On ‘Green Code Button’ — Select ‘Download ZIP’)

Functional Export Addon Works with v.3.5.1
Exports as ‘Default’ (Gray) Color Only.
Exports Individual Mesh Models Only.

For a complex multiple primitives model merge and save as .blend format.
Then restart and convert to mesh and export the single mesh object.

Recommended Export Scale Factor: x5 (ALL)


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May I know what’s the usage of this plugin?

Blender & Wings3D are the free 3D CAD Modeling Softwares
that are KiCad compatible. KiCad utilizes the vrml2 (97)
version .wrl format in addition to .stp ap214/242 format
for color models.
Both of these 3D modeling softwares will export models that have
matching coordinates to KiCad pcbnew footprints.
It would be great to also see a KiCad ‘StepUp’ to Blender Plugin
(similar to the one now used with FreeCAD).

It has been quite a long time since there were any freewares that could
produce a VRML2 that works with the newer versions of KiCad.
Also, it is possible (although quite laborious) to translate these VRML2’s into STEP Models.

P.S. I have posted links to a small collection of 3D models that I have created for KiCad.
If you would like to examine and/or use any ( I require no fee or notice)
use my forum name ‘invntefx’ in the search box to check it out.
I post them at my Small Business Licensed SSL Secured Pro Website for download,
since they are too large for direct embeddnging at this forum.
I also have approximately 50 more (.wrl & .stp) models already tested with pcbnew footprints
that I will add a download link too ASAP.


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