Big pad over two pins


How can we make a big wire over two pins like here on this board?


I would use a zone instead of traces in that case. (Set the connection to solid instead of using thermals)

Another option is a custom footprint with one large pad for both leads that should be connected. (Would require you to make the symbol such that it fits that new footprint.)
Maybe keep the small pads for the paste and mask layer (remove the pin number and set copper layers to none) and have the large setup to only include copper (it would have a pin number of course but deselect mask and paste layers)

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With a zone. You can cover the two pads with a zone and then connect it with a wide track to the circular pad. Or just create a proper polygon shape to connect it directly.

hmm like this???

You where to fast i edited my answer. So here the relevant part:
Set the pad connection of the zone to be solid instead of “thermals”

great thx you very much!!!

sorry another one…

now i like to have 5V+ zone on the same Cu (red) as the IP+ also with solid but only solid to the two 3+4 Pins of the IC and not the other components (other componentes the standard thermal connection)

you can set the connection style on the pad level instead of the zone level.

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At least in version pre-5 it’s also possible to do something like this: Add a pad to the footprint which covers both pads (1 and 2) and give it number 1 or 2. Provided that they are connected in the schematic with a wire it satisfies DRC, at least with quick testing. I don’t know how wise this would be. But symbol doesn’t need to be changed.

once more thx

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That’s a bit of a bodge. (It relies on many assumptions that might change in future kicad versions.)

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