BGA package with Kicad 3D Models in Freecad


I can to create 9x9mm Pitch 0.65mm 169 pins BGA package with kicad-3d-models-in-freecad?



Hi Javier, here some tips:

  1. get the drawing details
  2. edit the parameters of the BGA in
  3. launch the script
    (have a read at the Readme.adoc)


PS do you have also the footprint? I think this could be easily done by the footprint wizard for BGAs


Hello maui,

Yes, I have done the footprint with that document. 98ASA00628D
BGA-169_9x9X1.15mm_Pitch0.65mm.kicad_mod (15.1 KB)


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when you have done also the 3d models, you may think to PR to the kicad libraries and my 3d script generators repo :smiley:


Here the information on how to share 3d models:
new packages 3d repo add the step and wrl file to this repo as well as a credits file where you describe how the models have been created. (via a scipt or by using the standard tools of freecad)
current modules/packages3d directory of the kicad lib repo Add the files to this repo as well. (Currently only this repo is used by kicad. This will change in the near future.)

Source files should go here Use this repo do share your source files. (If you use the scripts by @maui, you don’t need to share source files in this repo. Just give the correct information in the credits file.)

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'BGA-169_9x9x1.15mm_Pitch0.65mm': Params( # from
        fp_r = 0.2,     # first pin indicator radius
        fp_d = 0.08,     # first pin indicator distance from edge
        fp_z = 0.01,     # first pin indicator depth
        ef = 0.0    , # 0.05,      # fillet of edges  Note: bigger bytes model with fillet
        D = 9.0,       # body overall length
        E = 9.0,       # body overall width
        A1 = 0.25,  # body-board separation
        A = 1.28,  # body  overall height
        b = 0.35,  # ball pin width diameter with a small extra to obtain a union of balls and case
        e = 0.65,  # pin (center-to-center) distance
        sp = 0.08, #seating plane (pcb penetration)
        npx = 13,  # number of pins along X axis (width)
        npy = 13,  # number of pins along y axis (length)
        excluded_pins = (None,), #pins to exclude -> None or "internals"
        modelName = 'BGA-169_9x9x1.15mm_Pitch0.65mm', #modelName
        rotation = -90, # rotation if required
        dest_dir_prefix = ''

MK26FN2M0VMI18.step (277.1 KB)
MK26FN2M0VMI18.wrl (687.0 KB)

Ok, thanks,

When I can I merge the pull request. I have other models to create, Audio/Video TX + PA, interesting for Drones FPV.



I seem to have problem getting this file (BGA-169_9x9X1.15mm_Pitch0.65mm.kicad_mod). Is it available somewhere else?