BGA naming in footprint wizard

Hi I have created a BGA footprint using bga wizard. but the pin numbering in my actual chip is in reverse order to what the part created.

When i try to change pad property by right clicking on the pad and then re-exporting works. can i bulk edit the BGA pin names ?

test.kicad_mod (64.4 KB)

Make sure your datasheet does not show the bottom view before you assume the wizard is reversed. (Could be quite an expensive mistake.)

The data sheet just has this as a pin reference. But as a general query if I have to do bulk pad naming how do i do it ?

That’s about 600 pads ?
The first PCB package I bought (For a lot of money because I was young and had none) was limited to 500 pins. Times have changed :slight_smile:

Naming all those pins without errors is not very trivial.

There is a project to copy pin naming info directly from a dasheet PDF into an spreadsheet progam, where you can edit it, and then run a python script to extract an Eeschema symbol from it. If should not be hard to find if you know it exists.

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