BGA design in kicad

Hello. I want to interface with a bga chip. Specifically with Ti’s DaVinci SoC.
Is it possible to grab a couple of these SoCs and create a schematic with KiCad?

Because of the bga design, i dont know if it is possible.

In case it is possible, ow is that done? Are there ready-to-use stencisl for particular chipsets?

And lastly, is it easy to create such a pcb myself? How many layers will a BGA pcb usually have?


If this is a question about KiCad, then sure, designing boards for large BGAs with Kicad is not a problem.

But the nature of your questions suggests that you have not designed anything complex before, so I would strongly suggest starting off with something simpler first. At the very least, find someone experienced you can work with. If you absolutely need a DaVinci SOC on a board, and are not so interested in a long learning exercise, I would suggest looking for an existing dev board that can do the job, or even hire someone to do the design.

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Tracking BGA, especially the finer pitched ones, requires very fine tracks and blind vias. These restrict your possible pcb vendors and you really have to start design with the pcb makers limits in mind. You also need to think about assembly in advance.