Best Way to Submit Feature Requests


I’m new here… do the developers monitor / participate in this forum? Is this the best place to post suggestions/feature requests? On the kicad website I see links only for bug reports.



IMHO, unfortunately this forum isn’t a good “medium” for present ideas, wishes and request for KiCad (I tried once).
If you have an idea for small enhancement, just report a bug and set importance as “Whishlist”. If you have a bigger idea go to the Blueprints and describe what do you need.
In both situation you need to be patient, unless you have a patch or code.


+1 as @keruseykaryu pointed, and on addition, KiCad developers have their own agenda.
usually new features are added if some user with coding capabilities propose a new patch.
So unless you get luck with some one that will also need your ideas and are able to develop it for KiCad, they will hardly get be implemented… or that will take long years time.

but… but… you should also register that ideas as suggested by @keruseykaryu … so they will get… registered.


You can always link back here from the fore-mentioned places of announcing though, as maybe you get lucky and someone here with coding skills sees it and get’s his hands dirty or knows of a solution/workaround to your problem.
Overall though, the chances are slim getting your wish implemented being just an innocent bystander :wink:


Thanks, all. I don’t expect my suggestions to be jumped on and implemented lickety-split, but I like to get them on record anyway, in case someone else thinks they’re worthwhile.