Best way to fork a kicad project in windows

Hi, I have a project in a fairly advanced state and I’d like to create a copy for tearing everything up without worrying about breaking the working version. In particular I’d like to give the new project a name that does not conflict. So suppose I have project_1 as a directory name with inside it and I want to create a directory copy that has all the filenames and paths set to project_2. Is there any easy way to do that that doesn’t involve a lot of manual editing?

One way is to put the project in GIT and make commits at logical points.

A simpler way is to just zip the whole project directory and then append a date in ISO 8601 format, so it results in names as: “”
If you copy those zipped project files to some external media (USB, NAS, etc) it is also a guard against complete PC failures. I usually have a text log file in which I collect some project notes and status of those zipped archives.

There is also a script to rename the project itself (not the project directory) I think it’s called “kirename”
which finds bobc’s repository on github:

Thanks :slight_smile: Can I run that script in the kicad python console?

I have not used the script myself. There are proably some instructions on github how to use it. Or else just try it (after you’ve made a backup).