Best practices for libraries with Git 6.0.7 Linux

Hi, I’m trying to get back in the game again. I haven’t done any engineering for a few years, so I’m a little rusty. I just updated my system from 5 to 6.0.7 on Linux Mint. Thanks for the help forum!

So, I’ve got a whole bunch of files strewn all over my machine and various drives.

Is this a good place to start? Whoever is typing this stuff, please put a last updated note at the top of the document… I remember there was a V6 document from a journalist that was lurking around forever and it was never up to date. I definitely want to to avoid that document.

In my old Git folder on a different drive from /user, I’ve got a whole bunch of files… digikey-kicad-library (I want to update this one) kicad-footprints (not sure what to do with this) kicad-symbols (not sure what to do with this either) my old custom parts libraires, etc. From what I remember, it was easier to access them and update them when they were in the root Git folder. Are there any other libraries that I should look at or add? I definately need 40xx, 74xx, Atmel / Microchip, any good community libraries, etc.

Are the new libraries supposed to be at /home/xxx/.local/share/kicad/6.0 ? I can see folders for all of the goodies, but they’re empty.

Thanks for reading this far. Basically, I want all of my stuff as close to standard configuration as possible with the least amount of mods possible and easy to update.


That is the latest official “Getting Started” available. It was released about March 2022 for 6.0.0

The current up to date official Kicad libraries are in:
C / usr / share / kicad /
Any updates will appear in your Update Manager when available.

Check that path to see if you downloaded the libraries.

Should look like this:

If you click on the Symbols folder you should get a list of installed libraries. Click on 3D or Footprints and you will see many folders.

The linked below FAQ entry for library organization written for 5.1 should be mostly good. The philosophy behind the organization(s) suggested are still valid, but some dialog boxes might look a little different (I haven’t gone over it to compare, personally).

Hi, the folders are there, but they are empty. Did I miss some install commands?

When you were asked if you wished to the libraries you probably clicked no.
This was from another post discussing a comment by @retiredfeline

To me, the instruction posted by @retiredfeline in another post is GREAT!
Asking a Ubuntu newbee to blindly type or paste this “rm -fr ~/.config/kicad/6.0” into the terminal, restart, then select "copy default… (recommended), after opening Kicad solves all the problems of the installation.

Doing this should solve your problem.

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