Best practices for developing on multiple operating systems and backups

Hi there. I’m interested in developing on my home Mac at night and on my work PC during my lunch breaks. I would also need to take into account backups (probably to G-drive?). Would these files even be compatible cross-platform? If so, how would you go about performing this development practice? Thanks!

Do you mean KiCad projects? I have successfully developed projects with workplace Windows desktop and home Linux desktop and/or Windows laptop. I have used git and service. I have even used different KiCad versions on one project. There are no problems as long as you have the same library and path variable setups. I share the private libraries with gitlab, too.

I guess G-drive would work well because you only have to remember to save the files after a session. With a git (or other versioning system) service you of course would get both versioning (history) and backup automatically, but with git you have to remember to save, commit and push after each session which means more work and problems when you forget to commit and/or push. (How do I know there would be problems? Don’t ask.)

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