Best practice for multi-output parts

What is the best way to handle chips that have multiple output pins, such as the MIC4451 and MIC4452? On these pins 6 and 7 are (the same) output, and I created the parts that way, but of course ERC does not like this. This situation is fairly common in power and RF parts, to reduce inductance or increase current capacity, and it would be nice if ERC recognized that since they were coming from the same chip, that they must be the same signal, and so no conflict exists. Of course, if they were separate outputs (OUT_A and OUT_B) it would be different.

It seems a bit bogus to edit the part to make the second output passive, but I guess that would work, and keep ERC happy. It might throw a simulator out a bit, of course. Is there any other way anyone knows of to deal with this?

I agree, this would be a very useful feature in ERC

IIRC you can add ‘invisible pins’ to your component. That way you can mark let’s say 6 as a normal output pin. Pin 7 you set to invisible and add it over pin 6 (so you only see one pin). When connecting nets, the get connected to both pins.

Indeed using invisible pins might do the trick.
But I prefer to show all component pins on schematic.

Is there a KiCad wishlist we can add things like that to?

If so, I would like to be able to parallel gates, as shown in the attached schematic fragment. It has been standard practice to do this for decades. This creates 3 ERC warnings.