Best BOM plugin


What is the recommended BOM plugin that can be used with the ability to export also custom fields?

Interactive HTML BOM Plugin is very neat, many others with tons of features like KiCost or KiBOM to choose from, you’ll need to test drive them a bit to see which ones fit your workflow better.

Perhaps you know there are basically two ways of getting a BOM from Kicad. I prefer the simple way, from PCBnew:
File>Fabrication Outputs>BOM File. It exports a CSV file ready for loading into a spreadsheet (where field names can be changed).

However, the other way, from Eeschema has a handful of useful type plugins. You can edit those plugins to get the fields you want (plus, custom tweaks).

In fact, perhaps just changing the text is all you need to do…

Image below shows one of the HTML plugins with tweaked Field Labels…

Here’s the documentation

Creating your own BOM plugin is not that difficult and can be the best way. Or you can just modify any existing one. For example I used the BOM for JLCPCB (can be found on the internet) and modified it to suit my needs…

For me the Interactive HTML BOM plugin linked above is 100% the way to go. You can also make a simpler “dumb” BOM from it easily with excel and copy table button. It’s a fantastic tool to have for assembly and light diagnostic purposes.